How I felt after dad sent picture of my boobs to me– Tboss

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Big Brother Naija contestant, Tboss has revealed how her Dad reacted to her showing her boobs on live tv during the reality show.

In an interview with Beat Fm, Tboss revealed her dad sent her a screenshot of her topless self, and she was shook. She says it was his first time of knowing she had a nipple piercing.

Read excerpts of the Interview below:

What inspired you to expose your frontal regions?

The Big Brother house is a place where i was myself, at home i don’t shower with my clothes on, I had to keep a bit of privacy [Down there], so usually in my house, i just use to walk around naked.

Where you nervous like ‘I don’t care, i’m just gonna do it, i’m just so sexy, everyone look’

No i wasn’t nervous, No

So you didn’t think it will become a big thing?

“No, i didn’t, until last night when i got a picture from my father”

Was he angry?

No, he just sent me a picture of myself, and i’m like ‘oh lord’

Was he aware of the piercings?

He is now!

He didn’t know before?

No! why will he know about that? No no no

Any other piercings you have somewhere else?

Right here (Points to her nose)

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