Beauty Queen accuses organisers of fraud: ‘Till now, I have received none of my prizes’

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Another Nigerian beauty queen has taken to social media to call out pageant organisers for fraud. This time, it is the Face of Amber 2014 winner, Damilola Bolarinde, who took to social media to narrate her ordeal at the hands of the organisers.

According to Bolarinde, she won the competition in 2014 at a ceremony hosted by former Big Brother star Melvin Oduah. She said was entitled to a car, a trip to California, modelling contracts and other cash prizes. However, she was only paid N5,000 twice since her emergence as queen.

As the winner I was promised a brand new car,a trip to California, modeling contracts, cash prize etc. Unfortunately, till now I have received none of my prize, luckily for me I was given the sum of 5thousand naira twice and nothing more,” she said in her post.

I have worn the crown for over 2 years with so much sadness and a sense of helplessness. I was crowned by @melvin0duah and severally I have vented out my frustration to him on how I have been unfairly treated by the organizers of Amber pageant but lately he simply ignores them,” she added.

Damilola Bolarinde
Screenshot from Damilola Bolarinde’s Instagram

This sad drama comes just months after the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant scandal rocked social media, stirring outrage from many Nigerians.

For Damilola Bolarinde, she is drawing the attention of Nigerians to the fraud she alleges is going on, because a quick check of the organiser’s Instagram shows they are currently running the second edition of the contest.

Maybe its the country or perhaps as a people we feel its okay to walk over the voiceless, why should we feel its normal to act dishonestly towards​ others? Why should i not receive what is rightfully mine? Why should i wear a crown filled with so many thorns?” Damilola Bolarinde asks.

She continued, noting that her journey as the queen has ended, and a new queen will wear the thorny crown, “Today marks the end of my reign, a new queen will walk the same journey I did. Goodluck!”

Read her full story:

My Name Is Bolarinde Damilola,Born June 29 1996. On 14th December 2014 I Was Crowned The Face Of Amber Organized By @Faceofamber Signaling The Birth Of A New Phase In My Life. I Was Beyond Ecstatic,I Believed I Was Blessed And Highly Privileged​ To Wear Such A Prestigious Crown Or So I Thought. As The Winner I Was Promised A Brand New Car,A Trip To California, Modeling Contracts, Cash Prize Etc. Unfortunately,Till Now I Have Received Non Of My Prize, Luckily For Me I Was Given The Sum Of 5thousand Naira Twice And Nothing More. I Have Worn The Crown For Over 2years With So Much Sadness And A Sense Of Helplessness.I Was Crowned By @Melvin0duah And Severally I Have Vented Out My Frustration To Him On How I Have Been Unfairly Treated By The Organizers Of Amber Pagent But Lately He Simply Ignores Them. Maybe Its The Country Or Perhaps As A People We Feel Its Okay To Walk Over The Voiceless, Why Should We Feel Its Normal To Act Dishonestly Towards​ Others? Why Should I Not Receive What Is Rightfully Mine? Why Should I Wear A Crown Filled With So Many Thorns? That I Shall Never Know But What I Do Know Is With This Experience I Have Learnt A Lot In Life. On How To Be Patient,On How To Always See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel, On How To Always Believe Humans Will Be Always Be Human And That Looks Can Be Deceiving,Everything Is Not Always As It Seem. Although I Was Unfairly Treated, I Believe Queens Are Not Just Crowned They Are Also Made, As Queens We Should Stand Against Injustice In The Society.I Stand Against It! I Hope For A Better Country Where People Are Given What Duly Belongs To Them, Where People Speak Against Wrongdoings Without Fear Of Reproach, A Country Where Your Word Is Your Bond, A Country Where Hard Work Is Acknowledged And Honesty Becomes Our Benchmark. On Several Occasions I Have Been Asked “Queen Where Is Your Car, Are You In California Now?” But Little Do They Know That Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown. Today Marks The End Of My Reign, A New Queen Will Walk The Same Journey I Did. Goodluck! #Mountain #Kingwoman @Officiallindaikeji I @Moyolawalofficial @Krystaltalks @Datswasup @Lauraikeji @Mayowekpo @Instablog9ja @Prettymadeeazy

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The organisers are yet to refute the accusations. However, they still have photos from Bolarinde’s crowning up on their Instagram.

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