Why you shouldn’t miss the final Big Brother Naija party this Saturday

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The Legend Saturday night parties in the Big Brother house have been running since the 28th of January 2017 and as we countdown to the end of the show, we can only but cherish the final party.

The housemates and the celebrity DJs have given us a show every weekend and we will miss them on our TV screens every Saturday.

Seeing as the party tonight is the final one, here are ten reasons why we feel you should be home and glued to your TV screens dancing along:

1. If you have nowhere to go, that’s not a problem, turn on your TV and join in. You don’t need to leave your home to be a part of the party
2. There’s always a theme for each party. Wouldn’t you love to see how the housemates pull the final theme off?
3. DJ Xclusive will be in the DJ Booth so you know we’re about to have a great time!
4. You get to, for the last time, see the housemates’ real characters come to life on the dance floor. Why would you want to miss Bisola & Debbie Rise’s dance battles?
5. T-Boss might just dance tonight. You wouldn’t want to miss that live, would you?
6. You get to also share in the Real Deal Experience. You too can dance along!
7. You can join in the refreshments as well, grab cold bottles of Legend Extra Stout and enjoy the party with your friends and family.
8. It’s the last time you get to see the housemates party in the Big Brother Naija house, why not savour it?
9. Efe is the only man in the house with 4 women, wouldn’t you want to see how that will turn out on the dance floor?
10. Big Brother and Legend Extra Stout might pull out a trick or two from their hats, you wouldn’t want to miss that.

The Legend Saturday night party will be showing live on Big Brother Naija at 9pm.

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