Top things every woman should have in a car

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The long-awaited dream has come true – you are the owner of a car. And now it is time to think what kind of accessories you will need. We have made a must-have list for women only – since it will be somewhat different from men’s list of necessary things. All you have to do is to decide what things from the list you will need, and then you can buy them all in one place and at the lowest prices. Visit https://jiji.ng/car-parts-and-accessories. Jiji is one of the largest Nigerian marketplaces, here you will find the greatest assortment of goods in all kinds of categories. Also, you can be sure in safety of transactions you make, and in quality of goods you buy.

The most important thing in a car is, of course, a first aid kit with all the necessary medicines. All items in the kit are strictly set: cotton, bandages, iodine, plasters, Analgin, Validol, activated carbon and artificial respiration device. But the driver can add other medications as well.

On the second place after first aid kit you will need a brochure or a book with updated rules of the road, as well as the code about administrative offences, so that in the case of unreasonable claims you can prove your right.

Charging devices for navigator and for phone are also required. In the event of a breakdown, delay or traffic jam, you should always be in touch, so it is better to have an additional charger in the car.

In order to feel yourself fresh and relaxed in your car, buy an air freshener with a citrus smell (lemon, lime, orange).

Don’t forget about USB flash drive with your favorite music to stay awake during monotonous drive at long distances or standing in a traffic jam.

Also, you should always have sunglasses in your glove compartment, even if you don’t wear them in everyday life. The sun or the lights of other cars can dazzle you, and this can lead to an accident.

While in a traffic jam or just driving, you will need to have water or some food, so it is important to keep a bottle of water and something to nosh (nuts, dried fruits, caramel candies, cookies in a package).

Cosmetics should also be on your list of must-haves. Mini cosmetic bag should contain thermal water for freshening makeup, perfume, eye liner and lip gloss, lip balm, hand cream and makeup wipes.

A pillow and a blanket can also come in handy in the car, if you often drive at long distances. On the road, your companion will certainly want to sleep.

Many ladies have a spare pair of shoes on a flat sole and a hanger for clothes in their car. Perhaps, each girl should create her own set of necessary things in a car that will make her driving as comfortable and pleasant as she can make up for herself.





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