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Cossy Ojiakor shows off her natural hair and fans can’t get enough

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Buxom actress Cossy Ojiakor is getting high points from her fans and it’s not for her voluptuousness.

Yesterday, the controversial actress took to her Instagram to flaunt her natural hair as a way of clapping back at haters. According to her, she received some jabs last week for a hair weave she wore to Tubaba’s club Rumours.

Showing off her well groomed kinky hair for the first time while also preaching hair love, the actress wrote:

This is my real African virgin hair. No attachments … No relaxer….. Ok yeah finally combed….and well groomed….hahaha this post is for all those that yabbed my hair weave to #Rumours last WK…… Loving my hair….. Love yours and give lace wigs and relaxer a break. Brushed or not I love my #African #virgin #hair

And what are fans’ thoughts on Miss Ojiakor’s new look?

Cossy is known to rock flashy and sometimes outrageous weaves but we have to agree with her fans, natural is sometimes always best.

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