How to lose weight

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Nowadays, people are very concerned about their health and sometimes even more about their appearance. As a rule, these two things come together. Those, who feel well and don’t have any health troubles, usually look good. The first thing that comes to mind in relation to this is the issue of excess weight, though sometimes it is quite controversial. Inspired or more often influenced by questionable standards of fashion magazines and TV programs, people aim to look slimmer and weight less than they do. And where there’s a demand, there’s always a supply: the diversity of means and ways to lose weight is really huge. We can talk a lot about the effectiveness of each of them and argue about whether it is reasonable. However, one thing remains clear: sport is the best option here.


Even if overweight problem reminds more a self-deception than a necessity to say goodbye to several kilos, going in for sports is always a good decision. Why? Everything is pretty obvious.

First of all, it is the most tried and true way. If you choose sticking to a particular diet, it always results in restricting yourself from consuming certain products. You aren’t allowed to eat pastries or baked good, any food containing fats or carbs. It may seem a good and effective practice, but actually isn’t that beneficial. On the one hand, you deprive your body of some essential elements. On the other hand, after weeks of severe diet you come back to the previous nutrition plan, and your kilos also come back. But if you are exercising regularly, you are always fit. Moreover, there is no need to forget about all tasty things you like.

Secondly, it is a more interesting way to become healthy and better-looking. Of course, sport requires a lot of physical efforts and a really hard work sometimes. But in this case you will appreciate the results much more than when you use slimming pills. The illusion that you can lead any lifestyle you want and keep healthy with a help of a handful of magic pills will disappear as fast as it appeared.


2016 Summer Olympics proved once more that people will be always interested in sports. There are so many talented athletes demonstrating a great example for youth to follow. And there are even more people, who become involved in every single event or competition, even if it lasts for several weeks. Great interests to sporting life, shown on TV, causes a growing desire to participate in it, too.

There are a lot of ways to do it. You can go to the gym and choose a personal training program for you. You can work in team and play tennis, badminton, basketball, football, or any other game. Bicycles would help you to spend an active and interesting weekend. You can try running – the perfect way to keep in form, especially in warm season. If weather conditions don’t seem appropriate for this, you can use a treadmill.

Actually, if you don’t have much time to devote specially for gym, you can organize one at home. All you’ll need is proper gym equipment. You can find a wide selection of sporting goods on Jiji.ng. Here you can find literally everything you can think about – from a tennis ball to the newest cross-trainers. Go to Hobbies – Art – Sport category, click on Sport Equipment, and you will get the list of all sport items available in Nigeria. Scroll down to discover the selection, or simply click on the suggested tags.


There is no need to look for any dieting pills or in deluding yourself by some warped judgments heard on TV or from pretended experts. If you want to look beautiful, stay healthy, and lose extra weight, there is only one answer: sport. Thanks to Jiji, it can become a part of your daily routine right now.


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