Denrele Edun explains why he kissed Charly Boy

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The viral photo of him and the media personality certainly fueled up the claims of his sexuality almost proving that he is gay!

The TV host and media personality has finally explained what really went down behind the scenes of his intimacy with the classic Nigerian musician.charly-boy-denrele-edun-kiss1

It should be recalled though that about five years ago, Denrele and Charly Boy were photoed kissing each other on the lips which caused them to be on the news headlines at that time and more recently, it’s a deja vu.

The TV host, explained the photo by saying:

“We were shooting a film of two different generations with similarities. Later that evening, we were posing for shots like father and son. Jokingly, he planted a kiss on my lips and that was it. Before, we knew what was happening, the picture was everywhere.”

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