18 die after horror traffic jam in Inonesia lasted 35 hours(Photos)

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18 have died after a hellish traffic jam that lasted up to 35 hours in Indonesia.
Road users travelling from Jakarta to Tegal in Java had to endure sweltering heat on the East Brebes toll road.

There were varying reports on how long it lasted, ranging from 20 to 35 hours. Some drivers claim the queues to pay the toll made the situation far worse.

Brebes chief medical officer Sri Gunadi Parwoko said that 18 people have died on the stretch of road in the past week, Lensa Indonesiareports
A total of 12 of the victims died from fatigue, while five died during an accident at a road crossing, and another died in mysterious circumstances.

One of the dead, a 14-year-old named only as Azizah, allegedly died of carbon dioxide poisoning after the car he was riding in got stuck in traffic for more than six hours.
Susyani, 36, a resident of Bogor, fainted while getting of a bus. He had complained of dizziness when the vehicle got stuck and later died in hospital.

It was reported that some of those who died had pre-existing health problems.
It was also reported that motorcycle ambulance could not reach the victims because of the severe traffic congestion.

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