Freeze shares photo of is mother to shut down outrageous claims by people

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freezeSo, yesterday after OAP Freeze shared his father’s photo to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, he came under heavy attack from different people who made so many outrageous claims to his paternity all due to the very vast difference in his skin color and that of his father. So because of that and also to set the record straight, he shared a photo with his mother who is a white woman and had some choice words for the people that called him all sorts of names yesterday. Read what he wrote below

The response I got from my Father’s Day post was overwhelming and absolutely hilarious. Some said because my dad is really dark and I am fair I must have been adopted, others claimed I was bleaching while some even went ahead to advice my dad to do a DNA test to make sure I was really his son. Ok guys, just incase speculation were to evolve into fact, let me set the record straight! I was not adopted o! Neither am I bleaching! Here is a pic of my mum and she is white as in oyinbo pepe all the way from a small Eastern European country called Romania. I am from Transylvania, the birth place of the famous ‘Dracula’, who by the was was a distant relative.. Anyway, here is a little family history. My dad was an academic genius who saw himself through school jumping from one scholarship to the other. He went to secondary school in Tema, Ghana and came back to Nigeria in the early 70s. According to the legend, a friend informed him that the Hungarian embassy was giving scholarships to gifted students. My dad told me that he was so broke, he had to walk all the way to the embassy and upon getting there he discovered that the last form was picked up a few minutes before he got to the embassy. My poor dad was devastated and downcast. One of the guards at the embassy now asked him to check the Romanian embassy. My dad went there, got the form, passed the exam in flying colors and got a scholarship to study Medicine in Romania. He met my mum who by 22, had already completed her masters. Fast forward to 2016, my dad runs a private practice in Ibadan while my mum is a deputy vice chancellor in a private university. I hope I answered all your questions…. Lol

freeze and dad

Freeze and Dad

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