Reality TV star Farrah Abraham calls Blac Chyna a ‘Monkey’, angry fans threaten to harm her

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Farrah Abraham is back causing raves on social media. This January, the reality TV star got in a messy feud with rapper Nicki Minaj and Kendall Jenner, now she is back making racist comments by referring to African American model, Blac Chyna, as a ‘monkey.’


It is unclear why the reality TV star chose to insult Chyna as the duo never had altercations and do not share views on social media, but angry fans are already putting the mother of one daughter in her place, calling out her racism, while some are threatening to beat her up if they ever cross path.

Meanwhile, Chyna is yet to respond to the unprecedented attack, but we know she will spew fire when she wakes up to this.

See some of the reactions:




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