Serena Williams becomes the first tennis Champ to twerk in a music video – See video/reactions

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For weeks now, Serena Williams has been showing off her hot bod, twerking on her social media, letting the world know just how much she loved her body.

But many of her fans didn’t know that the Greatest of All Time was preparing for that epic moment; she has become the first tennis champ – the first world champ – to twerk in a music video, featured by the queen herself.

Watch the clip here:

The world is completely freaking out right now. For a long time, this powerful black woman was body-shamed, but she learned to love her body.  “I know I get flak for my physique and it has been a struggle to love my body,” she told Times UK. Explaining how much folks tried to shame her, she concluded, “but now curves are in and I’m happier in myself.”

Well, the world is speaking out, showering her in praises for making yet another history, showing off the glory that is the African female. See some of the reactions on Twitter:

Yaasss, hunny!

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