Linda Ikeji: Wizkid finally show up at Police station…Nigerians react

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Pop singer Wizkid has reported at the Lagos State Commissioner’s desk against charges levied him by blogger Linda Ikeji for deformation of character and for threat.

Wizkid had said Linda was a call girl and slept with many of his directors, calling the blogger a liar and hypocrite for saying she amassed her wealth from hard labour of her blogging alone.

The singer also said some dirty things about Linda, something like smelly p*ssy or something. I can’t really remember that part very well. Walahi, Wizkid must chop cain!


Most people were expecting things to get messy for the super star singer if he turn himself in to the police, but contrarily all we see is the police boss standing next to him in the photo posted on Instagram, with tag “With the Hon Commissioner of Lagos Police!!! Police is ur friend! 😜🌊🌊 #youngPablo!!“. Mchew, he seems to be is a fan.

wizkid and commissioner of police

Watch your back, we’ll get you…Wizibaby. Lol! OMG! Is this supposed to be a joke? Yes, I’m damn seriously trivial about it.

Here are some comments with regards to the photo…

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