Maheeda becomes a call girl, invites fans to book private vdeo chat at a price

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Maheeda has offered to give drooling fans the opportunity to have private video chats with her, but at a cost.

“My time/attention costs money,” she wrote, adding, “love it or hate it, that’s how it is now.”


This comes a day after she announced her retirement from music. Recall that the nudist had hinted at being a stripper when she shared a suspicious clip on her Instagram page, and she boldly confirmed the same days later, in a post where she referred to her genitals as her ‘money maker.’ And yesterday, she said she is no longer interested in music.

Who is asking me to sing again,” the nudist wrote, before confirming the new profession, saying, “please let me do the nude pics, don’t try to embarrass me joor … all I’m looking for is money!”

Now, she is setting the business rules- she is not for free, and we can’t wait to see how that pans out for her.

Source: Instagram/Maheeda

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