Blac Chyna vows to help Rob Kardashian lose 50 Lbs  

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The diet that Blac Chyna put fiance Rob Kardashian has totally worked wonders! The couple revealed that the former reality star is down to 248 pounds and is going to be training super hard to get below 200 by mid-May.

Blac Chyna, 27, truly has been an absolute miracle worker when it comes to overhauling every aspect of Rob Kardashian‘s health. The 29-year-old was put on a strict diet by his now fiancée back in late January, and in just a few months time he’s dropped down to below 250 pounds!

The pair is on a mission for him to shed 50 more, with Blac acting as his trainer.

The couple shared the big news about Rob’s incredible slim down via their Snapchat accounts, showing him getting on a scale and his weight coming in at 248.4 pounds. Blac later explained that she’s now on a complete and total mission to get Rob back into the best shape of his life in another video where she said “So I need to consent, do you give me permission to train you for the next 5 weeks every day?” to which Rob happily replies “Of course,” and he really does sound happy about going on this workout plan!

And she wasn’t kidding! Later Rob shared a Snapchat video on his Instagram of him on the treadmill jogging, and dripping with sweat afterwards. Blac asked him “How was your first workout?” to which he gave an exhausted look to the camera.

Blac wants him back in prime condition and has actually set a date for him to hit his target weight: her May 11 birthday! She tagged a Snapchat video where she revealed, “Today I’m going to train Rob, we’re going to start a journey” as “Getting Rob ready for my birthday May 11 – 5 weeks.” It sounds like the only birthday present she wants from Rob is to see him in his best shape ever!

Besides, Rob already gave her the greatest early birthday present a girl could ever hope for by asking her to marry him on Apr. 4 and surprising her with a giant $325,000 seven carat diamond ring. With a wedding in their future, there’s no doubt that Blac wants her man to look his absolute finest when they finally say “I do,” and with her diet and exercise plan, it looks like she’ll be getting her wish!

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