‘F**k the Blogs!’ – Davido declares support for Wizkid amid social media drama with Linda Ikeji

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Davido and former rival Wizkid are fast becoming best of friends, and Davido proved this by posting a new video of him and Wizkid holding each other as the ‘Aye’ singer yells ‘F**k the blogs!’, a statement many people assume is targeted at Linda Ikeji.

This statement comes as a surprise as Davido had never had issues with the top blogger in the past, instead, fans had pitched Davido with Wizkid over who was the better artiste, until Davido clarified in his FADER interview that he harbours no angst for his contemporary.

“Me and Wizkid, we’re the best,” Davido said in FADER. “If one telecoms comes to me, the other one will go meet him. If Coke comes to me, Pepsi goes to him. Whether or not it’s true, they make it feel like it can only be one of us. I think there’s enough for all of us to eat, but then sometimes it can feel like only one person will win.”

Now, on  Wizkid’s messy feud with Linda Ikeji, Davido is making his support for his fellow artiste known, a development we never expected as he could have stayed out of it.

Watch the clip:

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