Mercy Aigbe narrates how she was robbed

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mercy aigbe
Actress Mercy Aigbe last week revealed how robbers how disguised as an electrician broke her shop and carted away with her expensive photos. Now the details have been unveiled, even as the actress granted Saturday Beats an interview.
Mercy Aigbe said: “I don’t know how the guy broke into my office but he stole my two phones, a blackberry passport and iPhone 6plus. I thank God he did not cart away my money. He ran away immediately he took my phones and before we knew what was happening, he had disappeared. The aluminum guy claimed that was not the electrician he sent to me and till date, I have not seen the guy. Investigation is still ongoing but I am devastated because of all the contacts I have lost. Unfortunately, I did not back up my contacts,” she said.
The actress said that the thief broke into her office at a wrong time because this is a time when she really needs her contacts.
She said, “I have a private screening of my movie, Victims, tomorrow and as I have lost my contacts, I don’t know how I would follow up on my guests. It has been a major setback for me but I thank God for the strength to cross the hurdle. I have learnt my lesson and anytime I buy a new phone, the first thing I would do is to back it up.”

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