How ex-president arranged arrest of Diezani

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More facts have emerged on how a Nigeria ex-president initiated the arrest of the country former Minister of Petroleum resources Diezani Alison-Madueke by the British National Crime Agency.

A reliable source told Silverbird Television that a particular oil baron who was allegedly fronting for the ex-minister sought advice from the ex-president on what he could do to escape the hammer of President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption policy.

In his response, the ex-president frankly told the oil baron to surrender all that he had looted. However, in his explanation, the oil baron said that many prominent Nigerians might be implicated if he disclosed the source of the funds.

Following intense pressure and the fear that he might be disgraced, having told the ex-president, the oil baron voluntarily surrendered himself to NCA.

The source says, “You know the ex-president can’t keep secret. He will expose all that have been discussed with him. He was actually waiting for the oil baron to surrender himself and inform the NCA how many public officers were involved in the alleged shady deals.”

According to the source, it was the ex-president who instigated the arrest of James Ibori. He instigated the process to extradite Buruji Kasamu, “so it was wise for the oil baron that he surrendered himself and mentioned the names of those he was fronting for” the source stated.

As a matter of fact, the oil baron also mentioned four other ministers in the cabinet of the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan that were culpable in the money laundering saga.

The said oil baron, according to sources, was allegedly fronting for the ex-Minister and may be holding some looted funds in trust for her.

It was learnt that following surveillance and monitoring by security agencies, the oil baron confided in a former Head of State who encouraged him to open up to the NCA on all such slush accounts.
Mrs. Alison-Madueke and her alleged accomplices are expected to be arraigned in a London court tomorrow.
The suspects were questioned for several hours by security agents in London.

Source: Silver Bird

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