Governors, Ministers must declare assets – Buhari

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Assets declaration may no longer be a fancy but a must as President Muhammadu Buhari hammered on the topic that it is ingrained in the Nigerian Constitutional saying he had done such four times since 1975 that he had served the country in various capacities.

Mr Buhari while addressing pressmen urged journalists instead of harassing him, the proper thing is for them to dig up his possession  and make their investigations.

And to the stakeholders, Buhari said: “So right now, all heads of state and government, governors, ministers, permanent secretaries will have to declare their assets because it is a constitutional requirement.

Obviously, one can imagine while the President and his Vice has declare their assets with few other governors and ministers doing same, anyone left out of the train will surely have the feeling of being alone in the ‘corruption net’ which will be an impetus for his electorate and opponents to attack such stakeholder.

Democracy is good and we are getting there.

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